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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

maLu La...........

title mcm gampang jerk..hehe..

actually bkan malu apa pn..malu la org jalan..ro0n2 kt blog mcm kosong jerk..

sowy la yer kwn2 suma..x der time nk update maklum la i ni kn ibu kpd sowg baby yg cute miut,comey lotey mcm i..wahaha..nk jugek puji diri sndiri kn..huhu..nk update apa pn cm xder masa la now..nk update pic kt fb pn malas..bukan malas aper tau,tp malas nk carik adapter nk "cocok" memory card tuh..hadoi..terok btoi tahap kemalasan aku skarang erk..

by the way..thanks 2 all yg sudi follow i k..nnt i ada time i follow u all blik n i ro0n2 site korng k..


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

h0w tiMe fLiEs

hye all..
it's been a long time right..well i've been busy with my i know that it was a tought job being a wife and mother in a blink of second..a lot of things to be done and there is no one can help u with it.."tabik spring" to all mother's in the world..hehe..

it was like only yesterday i married to a guy name BADRUL HAFIZ, it;s been a year though i spending my life as his wife..and now i'm a mother to a cute and sweet little baby girl named NUR QISYA DAMIA..our life is complete with her laugh n time flies away..she's turning 3 months old now..

i never imagine i would be a mother at this age..but this is life..and i'm happy with i'm proud with my self, i've been a very mature person at this age..thanks to my dear hubby for changing my life n just want u to know that i'm happy with u "sayang"..