Wednesday, January 5, 2011

h0w tiMe fLiEs

hye all..
it's been a long time right..well i've been busy with my i know that it was a tought job being a wife and mother in a blink of second..a lot of things to be done and there is no one can help u with it.."tabik spring" to all mother's in the world..hehe..

it was like only yesterday i married to a guy name BADRUL HAFIZ, it;s been a year though i spending my life as his wife..and now i'm a mother to a cute and sweet little baby girl named NUR QISYA DAMIA..our life is complete with her laugh n time flies away..she's turning 3 months old now..

i never imagine i would be a mother at this age..but this is life..and i'm happy with i'm proud with my self, i've been a very mature person at this age..thanks to my dear hubby for changing my life n just want u to know that i'm happy with u "sayang"..

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